Wholesale Amethyst Gemstone Manufacturer
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African, Brazil, Uruguay Wholesale Amethyst at factory prices


Amethyst Gemstone Manufacturer

African, Brazil, Uruguay Wholesale Amethyst at factory prices

Amethyst Faceted Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer -

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

SMGL Gems CORPORATION frequently manufactures amethyst, a semi-precious gemstone, for clients worldwide, mostly jewellery producers. Contact us right away if you have any needs for wholesale amethyst with a minimum order value of $2,000, in any size or form. We specialise in African and Brazilian amethyst, but we can also utilise Uruguayan and Six Corners amethyst.

Finding a reliable, competitive supplier for amethyst is crucial. A few years ago, Jaipur and Bangkok were the major Amethyst centres; now, they still are, but things have changed. Amethyst has been under increasing scrutiny regarding both quality and cost. Only those wholesale Amethyst suppliers who have been familiar with the stone since its creation may survive in this circumstance.

Buy loose wholesale amethyst gemstones in pink amethyst,

purple african amethyst, canela, uruguay in all sizes and shape at

wholesale price.




If you are looking for custom cuts, sizes, shapes, or any standard items in any of the Amethyst colors, this is the place to start your sourcing! START SOURCING YOUR WHOLESALE AMETHYST NOW DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER. Click on This Link and find


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