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Buy Wholesale Turquoise Gemstones, Cabochons, and Lots Online at Wholesale Prices

Natural Turquoise Gemstones cabochons

Buy Wholesale Turquoise Gemstones, Cabochons online at Wholesale Prices.

We have both natural and dyed turquoise with certificates.

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Lapis Lazuli's "cousin brother" is turquoise. For many years, it has been used as a healing stone, ornamentation, and jewellery. Egypt has the record for having this gem's earliest evidence. Ancient people used this stone to ward off evil spirits, and it was thought that if it changed colour, something bad had happened. However, it was eventually discovered that some turquoise changes colour due to light, chemical reactions, and dust.


Buy Loose Turquoise Cabochons straight from our Gemstones’ Factory

Loose turquoise cabs are notable for their 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm round and 6x4, 7x5mm, 8x10mm, and other sizes and forms. We produce items in a wide range of forms and sizes and in various grades. One of our primary offerings is our cabochons of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. We have so far successfully executed several large orders for our clients in this and continue to provide them. Sometimes, our customers want flat-back, high-dome, or low-dome cabs, and we provide their needs. This stone was carved at our own plant, which is located in Thailand and India. We produce 2 to 3 thousand items every day in our facility, and up to this point, our customers have not complained.

On the Mohs scale, urquoise is composed of aluminium, copper, and phosphate and has an excellent hardness (6). The colour ranges from sky blue to green-blue. Since this stone contains a significant amount of copper, which gives it its blue colour, it is essentially found in areas with high copper concentrations. Iron and chrome minerals are responsible for the stone's green hue. A visible matrix may occasionally be discernible with the unaided eye at low-grade quality. Since it is challenging to obtain huge size stones larger than 108 sizes with clear clarity free of colour fluctuation and matrix, little imperfections are allowed. You may also have matrix-free quality if you pay more than the standard pricing.

When we discuss turquoise stone of the highest calibre, we mean that it is free of any matrix and has an even distribution of blue colour throughout. Natural turquoise is famously found in Arizona (the United States), Tibet, China, and Iran. Arizona turquoise, often known as "sleeping beauty," is highly sought for due to its appealing of high-quality goods Because the deposit has already been used up, there is currently only low-quality material accessible in mines, and most importantly, there is no colour that can replace turquoise. Other traits that originate in China, Iran, and Tibet are Kingsman and No. 8, however when compared to those, their look is not as appealing.

When compared to turquoise from Arizona, these don't have a particularly appealing look.More people are familiar with turquoise from Arizona than from Tibet. In terms of popularity and value, Arizona (USA) turquoise outperforms Tibetan turquoise. USA Iron is present in turquoise instead of aluminium. Finding turquoise with a lovely sky blue colour and no matrix or veins is unusual. Natural turquoise cabochons might include inclusions or impurities in the form of white spots, fissures, lines, and dots.

Why Turquoise gems are becoming so popular?

There isn't a stone available here that has the same colour as turquoise. Turquoise is stunning because of its colour. For a very long time, this stone has continuously been in great demand. As an heirloom, people purchase turquoise jewellery. It may be described as the "colour of softness," the "colour of positivity," and the "colour of calmness." This stone is now quite popular, and jewellers are utilising it in both gold and silver jewellery in addition to silver.

Although manufacturers can't use turquoise's soft raw materials, which are quite brittle and pale in colour and come directly from mines, to make cabochons, so resin is used instead to create stabilised turquoise, which is sold as natural turquoise in the marketplace. It is porous by nature, which makes resin injection into it simple and increases the material's hardness. All of this happens right after the mines have supplied the necessary material. Resin insertion is a natural technique that is well-known in the market and is not a kind of therapy. Due to its extremely low hardness, turquoise cannot be cut into cabochons or used for any other kind of cuts without the addition of resin.



Natural or Stabilized Turquoise –

Color Enhanced Turquoise:

The availability of Natural Turquoise material is likewise limited, and its quality is deteriorating daily. This is the rationale behind the market's usage of synthetic turquoise. Just additional color-enhanced minerals, resin, and plastic make this partially artificial. Howlite or Dye Turquoise are the trade names for this particular kind of turquoise. In a nutshell, the original colour is first removed using bleaching powder, and then the item is coloured anew with dye. The finished product is well coloured and free of spots and dots. To mimic the natural one, brown lines and dots are occasionally added.

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