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Source Wholesale Larimar cabochons at bulk, with local factory prices from Jaipur


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Depending on our monthly needs for wholesale Larimar orders from our clients, we import between 50 and 300 kilogrammes of larimar raw each month from the exclusive Dominican Republic larimar mines. These Larimar Gems are now being produced in cabochon shape by our factory in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We manufacture Larimar Cabochons in large quantities for Wholesale Larimar Sales, and we distribute our products to Larimar Jewellery Manufacturers throughout the globe. In order to deliver the flawless Larimar gemstones that our clients need, our plant in Bangkok, India, tops off the ice cream.

Our Wholesale Larimar Cabochons quality aspect

The green-white-blue variety of larimar gemstones is the lowest quality, and some of the stones naturally include face fractures.

Greenish-Blue, or mostly blue with some green undertones, is the gemological word for medium-quality larimar. There may also be some whitish-blue tones in this gemstone.

As a natural larimar colour gemstone, the finest quality or pure blue larimar stones may be combined with light and dark blue.


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What separates us from other Wholesale Larimar Bulk Producers?

The long tradition of really skilled jewellery and gemstone craftspeople in Jaipur, India, is widely recognised, as is the city's inexpensive labour and manufacturing costs. Loose Larimar is made in our Jaipur factory by our own highly skilled and knowledgeable artisans. In addition, we have quality control in place at both our Bangkok gemstone factory and our Jaipur gemstone manufacturing facility. This enables us to consistently deliver the highest quality larimar gems for their price, which is essential in the manufacturing of wholesale larimar cabouchons. For our customers that demand this for their Larimar Jewellery, we at SMGL Gems MFG CO.JAIPUR are pleased to continuously provide the same calibre of Larimar gemstones.


Our Jaipur Larimar Manufacturer and Wholesale Larimar Supplier

At any of our jewellery and gemstone factories, we can also create Wholesale Larimar Jewellery for you in accordance with your demands.Many jewellery designers' favourite stone is larimar, often known as Stefilia's stone. This stone, which falls under the pectolite mineral category, has colours that range from white to light green to light blue to green-blue to deep blue. Hematite, calcite, and other minerals are mixed together to form larimar. The colour range of larimar is extremely light green, light blue, greenish-blue, and medium sky blue, which is similar to turquoise.

Source Wholesale Larimar cabochons at bulk, with local factory prices from Jaipur

We keep an eye on the mining circumstances at both our Jaipur Larimar Manufacturing and our Wholesale Larimar in order to prevent taking advantage of unfavourable working conditions. We place a high value on ethical sourcing, and we won't compromise this in order to maximise profits on our wholesale gemstone items or Larimar gemstones.Kindly get in touch with us right away and we will demonstrate our capabilities if you're looking for a reliable wholesale supplier of Larimar Stone that can deliver high-quality Larimar Cabochons on a regular basis. Our staff members are available to respond to your questions and requests right away.




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