Wholesale Jewellery South Africa
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Wholesale Jewellery South Africa


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Quality Gemstone Pendants By Weight


At SMGL Jewelry, stone setting is a work of art. The gemstones are acrefully selected, then set buy master craftsmen using state-of-art technology. SMGL maintains strict stones standards for every stones used. With great care and dedication, An SMGL gem-setter adds to the beauty of the jewelry and to beauty of stones themselves - creating a work that is greater then the sum of its part. 


SMGL Jewelry are experts in manufacturering quality pieces of gemstone pendants. We offer one of the largest collection of gemstone pendants available online. Offering 90 gemstones for pendants. The gemstone pendants are divided into 3 category based on the gemstones.

 A) Ever Green Gemstones Pendants : Refering to various agates, onyxes, jasper and many more.

 B) Premium Gemstones Pendants : Refering to gemstones with finer quality.

 C) Exclusive Gemstones Pendants : Refering to higher end and rare gemstones.

 D) Low Cost Gemstones Pendants: Refering to various Low cost bezel and Hammer Pendants & many more.


Wholesale Jewellery South Africa

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South Africa has a well developed and well organized jewellery sector. The wholesale Jewellery Council of south Africa is the umbrella body of the Industry.
It comprises 8 Constituent Bodies, each representing a different facet of the industry.

The Council plays a diverse role in representing the interests of the jewellery manufacturers of south africa. Activities include marketing (local and international), representation of Government, organization of trade fairs, seminars and training course, the operation of a Diamond Certification Laboratory, and the dissemination of information to the industry. 
Manufacturing & Retailing:

South Africa has a well-established jewellery manufacturers industry within which a wide variety of precious metal jewellery items are produced. From mass production items to individual pieces, the industry is geeared to cater to all needs. The industry is primarily based in the Gauteng and Western Cape regions, however, important jewellery manufacturers nodes exist in the Durban / Pietermaritzburg and Bloemfontein areas.


The wholesale jewellery of south africa comprises some 350 manufacturers concerns.
Whilst the predominance of South Africa manufacturers jewellery is for local consumption, the manufacturers sector is now endeavoring to increase its level of exports.
The Jewellery Manufacturer's Association and the Cape Jewellery Manufacturers' Association situated in Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively represent the industry.



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