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Salt and Pepper Diamonds supplier

Salt and pepper diamonds are not as rare as white diamond

Key features


  • Wild, untreated and unique
  • Works well with a variety of designs and styles
  • Readily available
  • Conflict free
  • Affordable
  • Salt and pepper diamonds typically cost less than traditional diamonds.
  • The value of these diamonds is generally determined by the intensity and type of inclusions.
  • They can also be combined with other gemstones and diamonds to make them more sophisticated.

Shining white diamonds have long been recognised as the most sought-after gemstones available. Let's face it: they are practically unbeatable with their immaculate illuminance and beautiful shine. That being stated, a large portion of today's consumers are searching for something unique, something fresher, maybe less flawless, and conventional. The salt and pepper diamonds are useful in this situation. In essence, salt and pepper diamonds are diamonds with a touch of style and individuality. They are great as jewellery since they are fashionable, colourful, and unique. Everything you need to know about these enigmatic jewels is as follows:

What are salt and pepper diamonds?

As the name implies, salt and pepper diamonds are really diamonds with different proportions of black and white impurities. These inclusions give these stones their distinctive "salt and pepper" look since they are dispersed throughout them. These diamonds are highly distinctive due to their mixture of black and white (and occasionally other coloured) inclusions, which give them a smoky, speckled appearance. 

The interior crystal structure of the diamond has certain defects that cause the white inclusions, or salt. They could also result from the addition of nitrogen or other contaminants. Carbon deposits, particularly in the form of graphite, are the cause of the black inclusions, or pepper. These flaws often arise from under-pressurized or under-heated initial carbon atoms that fail to properly crystallise during the diamond's creation. 

No two salt and pepper diamonds are alike. The inclusions in these stones give each of these stones a different characteristic and appearance, which makes them extremely unique. Depending on the type of inclusions, these diamonds can appear dark and smoky or light and speckled.

Diamonds with a salt and pepper finish go nicely with both modern and old jewellery. They work well as focal points in simpler salt and pepper diamond ring designs, but they can also be used in more complex patterns. Since salt and pepper diamonds may be faceted into almost any form or cut, they are the ideal option for jewellery that is specially crafted.  

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