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Welcome to our Semi Precious Gems Page.

Here you can see a large collection of Semi Precious Stones that we at SMGL Gems and Minerals work with. Here are some brief details about each of the Semi Precious Stones which we work with:

 semi-precious gemstones wholesale online suppliers from Jaipur india 

There are several reasons why garnet is one of our favourite semi-precious gemstones.

One of the largest subcategories of semi-precious gemstones is garnet. Although there are many various varieties of garnet gemstones on the market today, we focus on red garnet, tsavorite, and rhodolite.

 What we do

knowing the various varieties of garnets available nowadays.

Regarding the many tones and characteristics of garnet.

Garnet's significance in the gem and jewellery business.

The economics (supply and demand) of garnet.

What we do

We are SMGL CORPORATION, an Indian corporation that serves as Asia's largest centre for fine gemstones. Our business specialises in offering Garnet Gemstones to wholesale clients, regional m

 Our business specialises in supplying Garnet Gemstones to local jewellers, merchants, and wholesale clients in their respective nations. While pricey garnets like tsavorites are made at our Thailand facility, which is located in Chantaburi, the centre of the precious gem industry, the lower-priced garnet is produced in our facilities in India.

Garnet's significance in the gem and jewellery business.

Garnets are a gemstone that almost any others can compare to; in fact, some people claim that it is the only one. What can you purchase for this price that emits the greatest colour on the market right now, red, unquestionably since it is the "colour of our heart"? Ruby, don't bother. Forget it—the cost of red and pink tourmaline nowadays.

 The diversity of garnets available nowadays makes it the most significant colour and stone on the market, so make sure you don't forget about it. It was never this significant, but when people began falling in love again in the late 20th century, its significance has grown to the point that individuals can no longer avoid wearing red jewellery. Women adore wearing the colour red. In conclusion, garnet won't ever quit this business unless, regrettably, it runs out altogether one day.

The economics of garnet supply and demand.

Each gemstone has its own unique economy. If Americans become weary of this stone, demand declines, prices fall, and demand decreases for Tanzanites, which we know are solely reliant on the American market.

 Prices are difficult to maintain, and demand is often difficult to increase. However, garnet is a totally distinct stone. What makes a nation like a precious stone? Its hue, tint, cost, astrological significance, and general excellence.The gemstone garnet is popular all throughout the world. The pricey Demontoids and the less priced Hyderabadi Garnets are both beloved by Americans. This gemstone's dark tone makes it appealing to those with entirely white skin tones and accentuates the appearance of their features. appear at Miley Cyrus; doesn't her jewellery made of garnet make her appear better? It just looks amazing on the face.Given that garnet is used so widely over the world and has no viable replacements,

 We might be the ideal supply if you're trying to find garnet. Second, there is a lot to understand about this gemstone, which is highly diverse in terms of the quality, cost, colours, tints, and origins of the many Garnets that are offered on the market today. Last but not least, garnet is a gemstone that is used practically universally. As a result, shifting the demand or fiddling with the economies that support it is difficult, but nations like the USA and Russia have demonstrated their might. For questions, please email us at 

 It is regarded as having healing properties and is the birthstone for January. The semi-precious stone garnet is available in many different hues. The stone garnet

 The garnet gemstone should weigh at least 1/10 as much in carats as you do. (A 60 kilogramme person is equivalent to a 6 carat stone) It is preferable to have a stone with excellent clarity, pure colour, and no chemical or heat treatments. Garnet is the gemstone that symbolises Aquarius and is also its birthstone. The gemstone garnet, which is closely related and available in a range of colours, can be used in place of other gemstones. Since the Bronze Age, garnets have been valued for their healing properties and soothing effects.

 Indian and Idahoan origins. Rose-pink, purple-pink, purple-red, and raspberry-red are the colours. Opaque, transparent, or translucent clarity. Cabochon, cut. Treatment: 100% Genuine Untreated Gemstone.

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