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manufacturing and supplying rainbow moonstone, blue, grey, orange, white, and other colors at wholesale prices.

About Moonstone And Rainbow moonstone blue sheen Gemstones including their origin, and available sizes, shapes, qualities, and price information.

 A well-known gem throughout the world is moonstone. It is an orthoclase feldspar and has a spectrum of colours from clear to opaque, including blue, grey, white, orange, brown, and chocolate. This gem's optical quality is unique in that it exhibits a distinctive shine under various lighting situations; gemologists refer to this phenomenon as "adularescence." This stone has a monoclinic crystal structure, a MOHS hardness of 6-6.5, and a RI range of 1.1518 to 1.526. Its chemical formula is kalsi3o8. These gemstones are mined in several nations. The Blue and Rainbow Moonstone mines in Sri Lanka and India are well-known, while the other colours indicated above are well-known in Burma, Norway, and Brazil.

These Moonstones are directly available to SMGL CORP. from the location where the mining is done. We have a competitive edge over businesses who merely resell it as a result. The efficiency of our manufacture in India and Thailand allows us to provide these Moonstones at lower costs while maintaining their characteristic brightness, or "star." Of course, our company and employees will provide you with the greatest service we are able to.Like most other stones, moonstone may be found in a variety of sizes and forms. This readily obtainable stone is among jewellers' favourites. Large numbers of calibration and freesize versions are also readily accessible. Most frequently, the Freesize Moonstones are utilised in Single Stone Pendants, which cannot be replaced because each one has a distinct size and shape.

Moonstone Cabochons

We specialise in free-size, normal to high quality Moonstone Cabochons in different colours, calibrated from 2mm to 25mm. Both Sri Lanka and India are the sources of our Blue Moonstone Rough, which is then cut in our Thai and Indian facilities. We maintain standard order sizes like 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm rounds, 64, 75, 86, and 108 ovals in stock, however we can also place an order and it will take one week to produce. We are aware that we must provide our clients a variety of qualities as a result of the varied markets for moonstone in silver, gold, and jewellery ranging in quality from low-end to high-end. Because blue sheen appears best in cabs, faceted stones are rarely utilised in this stone.

Blue and Rainbow Moonstone –

Compared to other opaque moonstone varieties, this one has a clear to translucent characteristic. Sri Lankan and Indian materials have blue firing and rainbow firing, respectively. The material in Sri Lankan mines ranges in grade from poor to high, but the high quality (totally clear with shine throughout the stone) is currently running out, which is why prices have escalated owing to a lack of supply. Because it has a cheap and reasonable price range, the majority of silver jewellery producers employ medium-quality materials with medium clouds and Blue Sheen. Be aware that when we discuss the Indian moonstone's look, Sri Lankan stones come to mind as well. Only that Indian quality has a Rainbow Sheen rather than a Blue Sheen. Both in the marketplace

Free size and big size Moonstone Rainbow and Blue are high in trend and used in jewelry (ring, pendants, and bracelets). In the last few months, prices for Moonstone have increased and top-quality material is not easily available. There is no exact starting and ending price for Moonstone. If you are looking for $0.08 per kg then it is available and on the other hand


Grey, Orange, Camel, White, Off White, Pale Yellow and Other Colors –

All opaque kinds may be found in moonstone, which is the second type. All have great glossy surfaces and produce stunning effects when illuminated. Additionally, we provide large free-size pieces as well as calibrated circles, ovals, squares, and other shapes. Starting at $0.40 per carat, the price increases based on the sizes and amounts you purchase. With the exception of Blue and Rainbow Moonstone, all pricing for this stone remain the same. We also make micro-setting stones in huge quantities if you require them. Many of our clients have certain settings and need Moonstone in a specific height to suit in those settings, which we can provide for them.

 we have been manufacturing all shapes in different colors. If you have any particular design or shape and quality in mind then you can send us a picture and dimensions and we will manufacture the same design stones for you. Simply send us an email with all details mentioned in the Contact Us




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