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Wholesale White Diamonds supplier


Looking for a Wholesale White Diamonds Supplier? Buy them here.

You've come to the correct site if you're searching for a provider of certified loose diamonds or white diamonds in standard round sizes. Our plant in India manufactures small-sized rounds in all the different grades in addition to specifically cut White Diamonds ranging in weight from 0.50 carats to 2 carats. Since producing diamonds is a difficult process, we purchase our raw material from large rough importers in Bombay and Surat. From there, we produce all of the small-sized rounds in our own factories. These tiny rounds, which are all Certified Loose Diamonds, range in size from 1 mm to 2 carats. Sizes in diamonds are more frequently discussed in points rather than millimetres. Ten recommendations are 0.10 carats, this makes it easier to buy Loose White Diamonds Wholesale.

We maintain GIA-certified diamonds ranging in weight from 0.01 carat to 2 carats, with each certificate costing only $250, while other diamond dealers charge $350 for certification. Additionally, we have HRD Certified Diamonds on hand. Asscher Cut diamonds are among the most stunning pieces—my personal favorite—but because of our high turnover, we also have a tonne of other fascinating Certified loose diamonds available for purchase.

There are many different places to get wholesale diamonds, but all of our suppliers are fully ethical and employ environmentally friendly, low-impact methods. Blood diamonds are diamonds with a backstory that is not publicly known, and this is what we have always avoided!

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