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wholesale gemstone company japan


 Wholesale Gemstone Dealers & Suppliers in Japan

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We are a jewellery company with more than 50 years of experience in exquisite jewellery, diamonds, and gemstones. We are unique jewellers who obtain the raw elements from the mines directly and turn them into stunning finished jewellery. Being in the jewellery business for many years has taught us to be economical. By offering all of our Jewelry at cheap prices, we in turn pass this benefit along to our clients.

We have fully developed two cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Jaipur, India, in our endeavour to produce high-quality and higher rated jewellery. Cutting-edge technology, the newest equipment, trained artisans, and a group of extremely talented jewellery designers assist our effort to bring traditional fine jewellery creations.

Adapting to our years of experience, we forayed to welcome our clients' shifting fashion and purchasing preferences through online shopping. Customer satisfaction has always been the main driver of our brand's growth. Our strengths over the years have been our high-quality jewellery, end-to-end customisation, modern designs, and service first motto.

To match the tastes of ladies around the world, we handpick only the newest, trendiest, most in-vogue designs for our fine jewellery. What distinguishes us from the competition is an all-encompassing design appeal coupled with an alluring price tag.


Our Certifications

All our gemstones are officially certified by leading laboratories. 

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