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Iolite Gemstone Wholesale Manufacturer from india thailand


Iolite Gemstone Wholesale Manufacturer from india thailand

His stone has a tanzanite-like resemblance. Because all three gemstones have the same colour, transparency, and pleochroism optical feature, even novice gemstone dealers occasionally confuse sapphire, tanzanite, and iolite.  When tanzanite was first discovered, it was believed to be a kind of cordierite, which is also known as 'Iolite'. Iolite is an aluminium, iron, and magnesium silicate substance. To cut this stone in the optimal way, a cutter has the same issue that we discussed in our Tanzanite product page concerning pleochroism.

Iolite has a lengthy history. Leif Eriksson and other well-known explorers used iolite to locate themselves as they sailed out into the vast Atlantic Ocean. Do you want to know how? In order to pinpoint the precise location of the sun and navigate back to the beginning point, they used to store small bits as a polarising filter. They made use of the optical feature that iolite has since the sides have various hue colours. The largest Iolite crystal ever discovered was discovered in Grizzly Creek, to the south of Palmer Creek.  The crystal weighs around 24,000 carats.

Iolite qualities and cuttings

Iolite has two characteristics: A violet colour that can be seen with the naked eye and without the use of a magnifying lens is caused by the presence of iron and its Pleochroism optical feature. When viewed from various angles, it appears blue-gray, blue-purple, and dark blue, as well as being colourless someplace. We described the cutter's problem on our Tanzanite product page, and it applies equally when cutting this stone. The cutter makes every effort to avoid cutting through the crown or face with greyish, yellowish, colourless, or brownish tones visible. It is quite difficult to analyse the side for the best colour when you see an Iolite rough like the one above, and only professionals know this.

For this task of cutting Iolite gemstones, our team has 18 years of combined experience.Iolite is a totally natural stone with no enhancements when it comes to treatment. Mozambique, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and other nations all mine iolite. While Iolite of good gem-grade normally comes in a clear to translucent quality, it is usually an opaque gemstone and is utilised in cabochons. Faceted iolite gemstones must be cut precisely to provide ideal transparency and colour. If the cut is shallow, a "window" is shown, and a deep cut diminishes transparency.Differentiating between Tanzanite, Iolite, and the other clear blue stones has proven to be a bit challenging for the average individual.

Iolite cuts and cabochons stones Manufacturer

There is a straightforward procedure that causes Iolite to turn from grey to colourless. Tanzanite, on the other hand, emits a purple tint when rotated.

Due to its transparency, iolite is typically cut into faceted stones, although cabochons are made of "SI material," a material with a faint or weak colour. Iolite stones under 5 carats are easy to find, while those exceeding 5 carats and often up to 10 carats are more difficult to locate.  We carry Iolite faceted and cabochon stones in various sizes, from standard to free.

How to Identify Iolite?

Iolite and Tanzanite are fairly similar. The colour is the only indicator of the right stone. First, if the colour is Sapphire Blue, it is Blue Sapphire; second, if it is a violet-like blue, Tanzanite; and third, if the colour is light blue with grey undertones and becomes colourless at some point, Iolite. It is tougher than Tanzanite and softer than Sapphire when compared on the basis of hardness. A high-quality Tanzanite has a brilliant blue colour that Iolite and Blue Sapphire do not have. Another method is to check the stone's size because it is challenging to find Blue Sapphire and Iolite above 5 carats in bright blue colour. Iolite, over 5 carats, Moreover, Tanzanite and Blue Sapphire are also readily available in clear grade.

 Iolite is good for Jewelry Designing

Iolite is sufficiently hard to be used as rings and to be worn on a daily basis. Iolite is the ideal gemstone for a brooch, pendant, and bracelet centre stone. This stone's royal hue makes it popular for usage in a variety of men's accessories, including cufflinks, tie-tacks, and as the focal point of a bow.Jewellery designers have been looking for an affordable diamond to go with the deep blues that are so popular in clothing, from velvet to denim, for a long time. They discovered it in iolite, a unique gem that has a deep blue colour and is reasonably priced. Iolite, which derives its name from the Greek "Ios," meaning violet, is a rich violet-blue gemstone that may conjure images of more well-known stones like Tanzanite and Sapphire.

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The company SMGL Gems CORP.LTD has been producing cabochons and gemstones made of all varieties of iolite. Iolite cabochons weighing more than 10,000 carats are now in supply. On demand, we can also cut faceted stones in tiny to large sizes. If you want small sizes, such as 1.5mm, 2mm, and others, we can provide such as well for our clients. We can personally create that item for you if you're seeking for high-quality Iolite cabochons since we have the raw material on hand and can cut straight from the rough for your needs. So that we can respond to you swiftly, kindly write us a question. Please indicate sizes, estimated quantities, shapes and sizes, and quality to speed up the dialogue (Just type A, AA, or AAA


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