Loose Aquamarine faceted cabochons and beads
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Loose Aquamarine faceted cabochons and beads


Buy Aquamarine cabochons and faceted stones Direct from our manufacturing unit at India 


We have been manufacturing in different qualities of Aquamarine. As we mentioned above that top quality material is found in Brazil however other mines are in North Carolina, and Colorado, the United States, and also in Africa. We have our sources in Brazil and other countries and buy raw material in big quantities from there. This lowers our cost of manufacturing and ultimately it gives lower prices to our buyers so they can source from us.

Shapes: Aquamarine is found in all shapes.
Sizes: Found in all the general sizes is Aquamarine
Cuttings: If there is anything special you want, let us know!
Prices for Aquamarine: Normal sizes can vary from $1 US to $40. However, sizes and quality may change the price significantly.

Faceted stones are mainly used in rings, earrings and pendant by many small designers to big jewelry manufacturing companies.

When it comes to aquamarine jewellery and cabochons, we provide a range of quality levels, from low-grade commercial (milky and light colour) to premium (nice blue and clear), smooth and faceted. Because we don't want to disappoint our clients, every cabochon that we create is flawlessly polished, precisely calibrated, and free of cracks. We also make sure that our customers are aware of what they will be receiving from us. We have been in the gemstone industry for the past 20 years since we think that long-term business is important.

so that they may select the sizes and price range they want more easily as a result. Jewellers occasionally experience sizing issues due to low supply, but if you purchase from us, you won't have to worry about this because we carry all ring, pendant, and earring sizes.


 We mainly manufacture oval, round, cushion, trillion, and octagons in both calibrated and free size. We have mentioned the color chart above for our customers’ reference. They can simply see it and order with us.


Why are Aquamarine Cabochons and Faceted Stones High in Demand?

100% Real Gemstone: Aquamarine differs from other gemstones in that it is entirely natural and hasn't even been heated. Conversely, other stones that have the same colour are either treated or heated to intensify the hue.Even though Sky Blue Topaz has a far superior colour and transparency level than Aquamarine and is five times less expensive, people still choose Aquamarine since it is a totally natural stone. Sky Blue Topaz has a soft, pleasant colour. Because of its qualities and gentle colour, it has grown to be one of Americans' and Europeans' favourite stones.Availability in all sizes: Because this is available in a variety of pricing points and sizes ranging from little to large, jewellery designers are incorporating it into their designs.

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