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 Chakra Jewelry, Silver Chakra Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver Chakra Jewelry :: Essentials Silver Jewelr Wholesale Silver Chakra Jewelry

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SMGL  Jewelry manufacturers Chakra jewelry uses natural gemstones in specific sequence set in stelring silver to give direct attention to the energy of our actions, thoughts and emotions. 


Wholeale Chakra Jewelry .. You have 7 chakra centers. The use of chakra is as old as Vedas which is old Indian scriptures. Chakra Silver Jewellery designs also called Spiritual Jewelry


Most systems that use energetic points also tend to approach from a standpoint of balancing the points, since all of the points are valuable and important. Buy our wholeale chakra pendants

In the system described below, the energy is often described as moving up from the root, to the crown and up into heaven, and back down through the crown, to the root, and down into the earth. In short the energy is said to move in two directions at once.

Healing Chakra jewellery manufactuer from Jaipur, India. The benefits for using our authentic chakra jewellery from India is that it provides a basis for practitioners to do their healing work upon. 

If the healing techinque you can get clear idea on what the problem for teh individual and which part of chakra or body part needs to worked upon. 

We have exactly specfic seven centers for energy. the seven chakras are related t each other and are like spirals of energy. Our Chakra jewelry wore aims to create a balance body energy and heal our body. 



Griha Pravesh Puja In Jaipur

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