Buy loose faceted and cabochon chalcedony gemstones
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Buy loose faceted and cabochon chalcedony gemstones

Chalcedony Cabochons and Faceted Gemstones Wholesale Manufacturer

One of the materials that is most widely used is chalcedony. Although it is often cabin material, light blue items are also accessible naturally. One method to recognise chalcedony is by its high lustre and the excellent fracture lustre it produces when it fractures. We offer several different kinds of chalcedony, including natural and dyed varieties that come in a variety of colours, including green, dark blue, orange, and pink.

 Agate, Onyx, Carnelian, Black Onyx, and Sardonyx are some of the numerous names for Chalcedony in the gemstone industry. Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family and is a type of Quartz termed cryptocrystalline.

An ideal Chalcedony is a nice purplish blue color with nice translucency and luster.

Chalcedony Color –

Purplish-blue chalcedony is the most common colour, and it ranges in intensity from mild to brilliant. Clarity and colour influence the cost. The price of a colour will be more if it is more brilliant and vibrant, and cheaper if it is lighter. It is really challenging to find very excellent colours in large quantities. The most appealing transparency of chalcedony is its translucency, which ranges from opaque to translucent. When cut and polished, it has a lovely lustre. This stone features cabochons, carvings, facets, florals, and other motifs. The most well-known forms in this stone include oval, round, trillion, heart, and cushion.
Other Dyed Colors in Chalcedony –

 However, these are all known by distinct names on the gemstones market, including "Agate," "Onyx," "Carnelian," "Black Onyx," "Sardonyx," and "Chrysoprase." Initially, gemologists were perplexed by its chemical composition and underlying minerals, but it was eventually discovered that it is composed of silicate and moganite.

 We began producing Chalcedony in more colours such as yellow, green, aqua, lavender, rose, and pink after observing the demand for various coloured colours of the stone. Before we sell anything, we tell our customers everything.Because the stone is porous, colour may be simply added inside of it. Large jewellery manufacturers frequently use dyed colours because they are permanent until they are overheated. Jewellery designers frequently use Labradorite and other stones of a dark colour in uneven shapes for pendant sizes.

Jewellers are combining Labradorite and other dark coloured stones with uneven forms, which are highly popular for pendant size, to create the ideal look. From a financial perspective, irregular forms are likewise less expensive. Please review the image.

Buy Chalcedony Cabochons, Faceted, and Rose Cut From Us At Wholesale Prices –

We have been producing this stone in a variety of cuts and grades. Send us your requests through email if you are a jewellery designer, retailer, or manufacturing organisation, and we will get back to you right away. We can meet your demands if you need 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, or any other bespoke sizes or shapes.By purchasing Chalcedony from SMGL Gems and Minerals Manufacturing Co., you may save 30–50% on your purchase price. Due to the fact that we have our own manufacturing facilities in Thailand and India, we are one of the largest producers and suppliers of this gemstone. We promise to only provide you high-quality goods that are guaranteed to be original. There is also a money-back guarantee.

We also provide our consumers with a money-back guarantee, which is one of our key selling points. We also provide our clients the option to create the exact shapes they want. Your preferred design will be created by our skilled artisans.If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You may phone, email, to get in touch with us if you want to buy Chalcedony at Wholesale Price or learn more about it. 

Picture 1 shows an example of both regular smooth cabochons and checkerboard flat back cabochons made of dyed chalcedony. All additional colours have also been produced by us in a variety of sizes, shapes, and cuts. If none of them are heated in any manner, all of these colours are permanent.


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