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Here you can see a large collection of Semi Precious Stones that we at SMGL Gems Manufacturing and Minerals co. work with. Here are some brief details about each of the Red Garnet Stones which we work with:

Garnet is the very biggest category that exists in the Semi Precious category. The different types of Garnet Gemstones available in today’s market

Nobody is ever always correct about this. Due to the fact that there are far too many names for the many sorts of garnets, there is misunderstanding that always exists and will continue to exist. In order to clear up some of these misunderstandings, that is precisely when we as a wholesale supplier of garnet enter the picture.

Nobody usually does this correctly. Because there are just far too many names for the many kinds of garnets that are accessible, confusion always exists and will continue to exist. That's precisely the time when we, a wholesale supplier of garnet, can help clear up some of these misunderstandings.1) Indian orrisa garnets are the first type of garnet and the most prevalent in terms of manufacturing volume and size.The state of Orissa in India, where the name says it originated, is where all Red Indian Garnet is found. Due to geography, India is where we manufacture all of our orrisa garnet.

The hue of the Indian garnet is similar to that of red wine, although there are various variants, including the very dark (nearly black) Indian garnet that is plainly far less expensive. Below is a photo of the most popular shade of Indian Garnet, which has a colour similar to wine. There is also the Indian Orissa Garnet, which is more transparent in colour and resembles Mozambique but is often only offered in smaller pieces and priced similarly to Mozambique. For example, the cost of an Indian Orissa Garnet 6x4 Oval would be between $0.30 and $0.40 per carat if purchased in bulk. You may contrast these prices with those for red garnet from other sources. 

The "Dark Indian Red Garnet" in the image below has deeper red tones and a little bit of black around the edges of the stone. The more transparent shade of red garnet, often known as "Indian red garnet," may be seen on the right side of the image.

2) The Hyderabadi Indian garnet is the second type of garnet on the market that is most widely accessible in terms of availability and cost.The cut of these Hyderabadi Indian Garnets is not as highly prized due to their orange colour, hence they are typically only found as Cabochons. Orange obviously sells less for Red, right? For everyone of us, that is plain sense. Currently, if you compare the cost of a 64 Oval in Mozambique, you may get one for as little as $0.10 per carat with the least amount of imperfections. particular distinguishes the price range that particular category of garnet has to provide. It might have an entirely different price and appearance with just a minor adjustment in colour and origin. Both inclusions and Indian Hyderabadi Garnet are available.

3) Mozambique Garnet Semi Precious Gemstones are the third most prevalent kind of garnet.You may describe it as the best of the best in terms of both price and colour. Mozambique Garnet, which resembles ruby, has almost tripled in price over the previous few years, which is extraordinary growth for any gemstone to be experiencing. We used to sell a lot of wholesale Mozambique garnet, but since then, circumstances have changed and the supply has decreased. Some of the Mozambique garnet that is offered for sale on the market is just an excellent representation of other hues, including the Indian Orissa or the Reddish Hyderabadi. At wholesale cost, an Oval 64 in Mozambique Garnet would cost $0.50 for 

4) Hessonite garnet is the kind of garnet that is least prevalent.Although Hessonite Garnet cabochons are most known for their orange colour, they are really denied the luxury of high pricing as a result. Hessonite garnet gemstones are too readily available in wholesale quantities, and their orange/yellow colour devalues them significantly. As we and our clients both appreciate the beauty of these gemstones, we have Navneet Gems and Minerals' magnificent Hessonite Garnet in stock as seen in the photographs below.

Below is a brief description of the various Red Garnet shades:

Mozambique garnets are unquestionably the most expensive garnets on the market since they are the most popular colour. Wholesale gemstones from Mozambique are similar to the most popular Ruby colour, pigeon red. The origin of Pigeon Red Garnet is Mozambique. Even a tiny tint change might result in a pricing difference. Why do you believe the pricing of the mozambican garnet and the Indian garnet from Orissa are nearly equal? Their sunglasses are the reason. Being somewhat polished, or just more black than Mozambique, is Indian Garnet. Wholesale Mozambique garnets are available, however they come in a wide range of quality. An explanation of the many characteristics of garnet gems is provided below.

Why not various quality when garnet can be found in so many distinct hues and shades? Generally speaking, there are only two types of garnets available on the market: one has inclusions, and the other does not. Depending on the type of stone, those without inclusions are often formed into cut stones, however cabochons are also occasionally produced. While businesses with lower production costs, such as those in India, frequently utilise Garnets of the Commercial quality, the majority of silver enterprises outside of Asia use Clean Garnet since its price is only somewhat cheaper than that of Garnets with inclusions

Garnets are used all around the world, thus demand is less elastic because there aren't any true alternatives. If this red stone costs around $1 per carat, what else would people use? $2 per carat? The United States of America, China, Russia, and Japan are the only very potent markets in the modern gemstone industry that can shift a certain gemstone or market, etc. There isn't a fifth nation that is powerful enough to consume enough gemstones. The Chinese and Japanese are largely indifferent, the Americans adore garnet, and "Pyrope" is the most popular among the Russians. They are known as garnets, which is one of the factors contributing to the demand for garnets.


In this article on garnet, numerous conclusions have been drawn. First off, we can be the ideal provider if you're wanting to obtain garnet; at the very least, you could give us a go. Second, there is a lot to understand about this gemstone, which is quite diverse in terms of the quality, cost, colours, tints, and origins of the many Garnets on the market today. Last but not least, garnet is a gemstone that is used practically universally. As a result, shifting the demand or fiddling with the economies that support it is difficult, but nations like the USA and Russia have demonstrated their might.Email us at with any questions or concerns.

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