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Wholesale Loose Morganite Gemstones


Looking for a Supplier of High-Quality Wholesale Morganite Directly From Thailand?

Morganite belongs to the Beryl group and is well-known for its peach and pink hues. It is also known as the "Pink Emerald" as it is a member of the same group as Emerald. Morganite is uncommon and has a high market value, much like all Beryl gemstones.

Pink Morganite was first found in California, USA, by George D. Kunz (American gemologist) in 1910. At that time it was called ‘Pink Beryl’ but after a few years, it was renamed as Morganite in honor of J.P Morgan (the gemstone collector and American banker), since that time it has become an investment gemstone.

The colour of this aluminium beryllium silicate varies from a light pink to a peach. It mostly originates in Brazil and Madascagar. Brazil's material colour is peach, whereas Madagascar is well-known for its pink hue. Because there is no longer any deposit accessible, material from Madagascar mines has all but stopped being produced, and only outdated material is being sold. The price of the peach-colored material from Brazilian mines has increased due to the limited supply of material from these sources. Gems anticipators expect higher prices for this stone, which have increased about two to three times in recent years. The primary cause of its exorbitant pricing is its distinctive peach hue. Additional mines can be found in Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, China, Mozambique, Russia, and the usa.

I would suggest you always buy Loose Morganite Gemstone to save 30% of your money because all jewelers charge high prices for gemstones they use in jewelry. They also buy it from somewhere and add their high profit and it is difficult to estimate the price idea of a gemstone engraved in jewelry.

Treatment on Wholesale Morganite Gemstones –

Morganite Gemstone Jewelry Design

Every Beryl Gem is renowned for looking stunning when set in jewellery. Because of its excellent clarity, hardness, durability, and lustre, morganite is a favourite stone among jewellers.  This stone is used to make a variety of jewellery that is useful for everyday use. When considering value, the price point is rather reasonable. Consumers purchase jewellery crafted from this stone for simultaneous usage as jewellery and investment purposes. We cut all shapes and sizes of Morganite. The attractive Morganite Peach colour goes beautifully with gold, white gold, and other metals.

Morganite is often found as an untreated and unheated stone. In some stones heat treatment (at low a temperature) is used to improve the color and remove the yellow tone which looks bad.

Why buy Wholesale Morganite Gemstones from us 

SMGL GEMS MFG CO. has a regular stock of Caliberated Morganite, along with Wholesale Morganite Freesize in limited shapes and sizes. We have a huge supply of Rough Morganite, which we can further treat into Pink Colored Beryl (Morganite), this an amazing Semi Precious Stone that is quite amazingly Pink. The Pink Hues available in Morganite are irreplaceable and not available in any other Gem. It is easily available in all calibrated sizes, but big-sized is difficult to get.

Since every client wants to see the gemstones before making a purchase, we provide our customers high-quality photographs of the stones for confirmation before shipping. Our method for working with us and for communicating is straightforward. All you have to do is send us an email or use the Contact Us form, and we'll get back to you with costs, details, and other information within a few hours. We provide the same level of service to all of our customers, regardless of their budget, for Wholesale Morganite Gemstones.


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