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Citrine Gemstone Wholesale Manufacturer

Information About Citrine’s Origins, Color, Quality, and Even the Citrine Gemstone Meaning

One of the most well-known gemstones on the market is citrine. The only gemstones that come in yellow are tourmaline, citrine, yellow sapphire, and yellow topaz. No other stone can match the pricing, quality, and colour of our citrine gemstone in any of these. Amethyst, Smoky, Rose, Crystal, Lemon, Beer, and Rutile are additional members of the Quartz family along with which it is related.  It is available in golden-orange and light yellow colours. Citrine derives its name from the French word citron, which means lemon.

Finding A Supplier of Citrine On The Internet

This may lead you nowhere because “Citrine” is a very broad search term so it really depends on what you want to know about or do with this Citrine Gem. If you are looking to source Citrine Gemstone from one of our manufacturing’s then all you have to do is contact us. If you are looking for more information about Citrine, then there are a few other websites giving full information about Citrine Gemstone. Citrine is a type of Quartz, and the past few years for Citrine has not been too good in the market. In fact, the yellow color of any gemstone has not been doing too well. Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Quartz, Yellow Beryl, or even the Yellow Citrine, all are off late and not in trend, but the trend for Citrine is coming back with the introduction of the new “Mandarin Citrine” which is really dark and available at our stores too.and out of style, but Citrine is making a comeback thanks to the release of the new, extremely dark "Mandarin Citrine," which is also offered in our stores.


Citrine Origin –

Everywhere in the globe, citrine may be found. For this stone's raw material, countries including Burma, Namibia, Zambia, Russia, and its principal source, Brazil, are well-known. The most well-known and expensive of the colours that are golden-yellow is called Madeira Citrine.


Citrine Gemstone Color, Treatment, Sizes, Shapes, and Qualities –

Light yellow, intense yellow, golden-orange, and gold-brown are the colours available, with golden with an orange tinge being the most sought-after and expensive. The majority of natural citrine gemstones are light to medium yellow in colour, and when heated, they turn a reddish tinge to deep shades of golden orange to golden brown. The majority of citrine gemstones are pristine, devoid of any impurities. Colour is the only determinant of quality, thus the more money you spend, the greater colour you'll receive.

Although we also cut all other shapes and cuttings, the most popular forms for citrine gemstone in normal, cabochon, and diamond cuts are round, ovals, and cushion shapes. We make orders within a week and have a considerable amount of stock. In contrast to free large stones, calibrated sizes like 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm rounds, 6x4, 8x6, and 10x8 oval, pear, and octagon shapes are more in demand.  The rarity of natural, unheated citrine gemstone is rising. Many of the citrine gemstones that are currently on the market were originally heat-treated smokey quartz or amethyst. At the mining site, treated citrine is frequently heated. The colour shift is thought to be steady and permanent.When we discuss colour grading, it adheres to the same standards as like amethyst. Madeira Citrine and Golden Citrine are the two names for the most expensive yellow colour that is frequently utilised on the market. Commercial-grade citrine has a banding of extremely faint colour without an equal amount of yellow saturation.

Citrine Cabochons –

In contrast to citrine cut gems, citrine gemstone cabs are typically light to medium in colour. Because the goal price set by silver jewellery manufacturers and the majority of the cabs used in silver jewellery are always cheap, price and demand are variables in this.

Contact Us to Buy Loose Citrine Cabochons and Citrine Faceted Stones –

Citrine is one of our top items and we are a one-stop shop for all kinds of semi-precious stones. We produce free-size calibrated round, oval, marquise, cushion, pear, and fancy-shaped stones at discount rates. Each of our pieces is created in-house in factories under the supervision of gemstone specialists. We offer checkerboard, uneven, and rose-cut Citrine cabochons in addition to standard cabochons and faceted stones. We also build and provide high or low domes with the necessary height in accordance with jewellery requests that clients occasionally make. If you have any questions, submit them to us immediately at the email address shown on the top link for the contact at

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