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The History of CVD Diamonds

When was the first Man-Made Diamond manufactured for commercial release? In 1956, General Electric created the first artificial diamond, sometimes referred to as a synthetic diamond or CVD diamond, using the High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) method. The HPHT method growth mimics the production of a natural diamond, but it uses carefully chosen input elements to catalyse the development of crystals. The HPHT method now produces billions of carats of diamonds annually, the majority of which are used in industrial applications. The technique of creating lab-grown diamonds is relatively the responsible next generation of diamonds, and it only began in the 21st century.

What Are CVD Diamonds?

In contrast to actual or natural diamonds, which are made by physical processes, a CVD, or chemical vapour deposition, diamond—also known as a laboratory-manufactured diamond—is produced using a synthetic approach. Furthermore, CVD diamonds have been a part of the gemstone industry for a number of years. This procedure entailed placing a gas, such as methane, within a vacuum chamber, then using microwaves to activate and break down the gas's molecules. This caused the carbon atoms to gather on a substrate in a manner similar to how snowflakes gather during a snowstorm.

These days, there are primarily two ways to make CVD diamonds. The High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) procedure is the first, while Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) is the second. General Electric successfully grew diamonds in 1956 using the HPHT technique, which essentially replicates the natural process. The HPHT method requires expensive energy and equipment and yields diamonds that are mostly brownish or yellowish in colour. However, because the CVD process requires smaller, less expensive equipment and operates at moderate temperatures and low pressure, it is less expensive to utilise. Since carbon and a small amount of hydrogen make up the vacuum chamber's contents, colourless crystals can be produced. When boron or nitrogen is added, CVD diamond crystals in the colours yellow or blue can form.into the chamber.

These days, everyone wants to know why CVD Synthetic Diamonds are so inexpensive. About 30%–40% less than real diamonds are synthetic diamonds. Nonetheless, a frequently asked concern in the diamond industry and among consumers is if CVD Synthetics may eventually be produced at such a low cost that the value of real diamonds is jeopardised. The short answer is "NO." Due to size and manufacturing experience, CVD growth will become more efficient; yet, a number of elements will only increase in cost with time and with inflation.

Both CVD and HPHT Diamonds can be cut into gemstones as well as different colors can be produced. Yellow, brown, green, blue, orange, and clear white are a few of the colors.

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