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Wholesale Quartz - Buy Loose Quartz Gems

We are running our own manufacturing unit of all types of quartz.

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Wholesale Quartz for sale.

Offers different types of quartz.

Since 1960, SMGL Gems MFG. CO has been a recognised online vendor of gemstones. We trade in uncommon, precious, semi-precious, completely natural, and authentic gemstones. Check out our Wholesale Gemstones if you're in the gemstone retail industry. Or Deepak Gems is your one-stop shop if you're seeking for Birth Gemstones, Rashi Gemstones, Astrological Gemstones, or Cheap Loose Gemstones.

Quartz: Crystal, Smoky, Rose, Lemon, Beer, and Rutile 

All of these crystals, including Smoky Quartz, beer quartz , Crystal, Lemon, Rose, and Rutile, are members of the Quartz family. Widely used in Silver, Gold, and Diamond jewellery, quartz is a cheap and plentiful material. Quartz comes in a variety of colours and has good transparency. Crystal quartz is white, Rose quartz is pink, Smoky quartz is black, and Lemon quartz is lemon-colored. Beer quartz has a greenish-yellow colour. The distinctive look of rutile quartz, which arises naturally, is well recognised.

These are all members of the Quartz family. This quartz family also includes amethyst and citrine. Jewellery made of silver, gold, and diamonds frequently uses this material since it is the most accessible and cheap. All are available in various colours and good transparency. Crystals, Rose, Smoky, Beer, and Lemon are available in various shades of white, pink, black, greenish yellow, and lemon, respectively. The look of rutile quartz is distinctive; rutile occurs naturally in it.

One of the most well-known organic jewels is amber, which contains an insect. The category of semi-precious gems includes a large number of jewels. Rhodochrosite, Multi Fluorite, Tiger Eyes Malachite, and several more gems. For thorough explanations and useful information, see our product section. When you want to buy semi-precious gemstones or have any questions about the gems business, feel free to send us a query using the Contact Us page linked above. We have a dedicated staff to educate our clients on the quality, shapes, and amounts of semi-precious gems.

For all of these Quartz, we have our own manufacturing facilities. To view further details and images of each kind of quartz, click the links in the title bar above or in the side bar, and when you're ready to place an order, use the Contact Us link.

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