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Wholesale supplier of peridot gemstones from Thailand


What is a peridot? History? Birthstone? Properties? Shape and Size Available in Peridot

Wholesale Supplier of Peridot Gemstones from Thailand India

Peridot’s green color gives a symbol of Greenery or Environmentally friendly.

various peridot cabochons, briolettes, and faceted stones in various sizes and shapes are offered by SMGL Gems and Minerals CORPORATION directly from our own facility in India.

Colors: It usually comes in three colors/qualities (A, AA, AAA)
Size: Regular sizes of Peridot are better found in nature, bigger sizes are rare.
Shapes: All shapes of Peridot are available at SMGL Gems & Minerals CORP.

Green stone called peridot is translucent to transparent, with a MOHS hardness of 6.5-7, a specific gravity of 3.2-4.3, and a refractive index of 1.64-1.70. Every time we read about the peridot gemstone's history, we learn that the Egyptians thought of it as "Topaz" and people in the Middle Ages thought of it as "Emerald." Egyptians initially discovered peridot in the Red Sea, today known as Zarbargad. Due to the presence of snakes, mining was extremely dangerous at those time. Later, the Pharaoh of Egypt drove all snakes into the sea. This vibrant green gemstone is the birthstone for August because it has a faint gold and golden tinge that can be described as the "colour of summer."
The history of this stone is quite intriguing since the Romans gave it the moniker "Emerald of the Evening" because they loved its vibrant green hue as well.
Kashmir peridot is said to be the finest peridot. The reason is because a mine that was producing spectacular colours of peridot was massively discovered in Kashmir in 1960, a few years before SMGL Gems & Minerals CORPORATION was founded. Because of this, even though very few extremely rare Peridot stones truly originate from Kashmir, the finest Peridot has historically been known as Kashmir Peridot.

Why should you pick us as a source for loose peridot gemstones at wholesale prices?

SMGL GEMS CORPORATION a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of peridot gems with operations in Bangkok, Thailand, and Jaipur, India. In India, we calibrated all sizes and shapes (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm rounds, cushions, hearts 6X4, 7X5, 8X6, 9X7 and various sizes ovals, octagons, pears, etc.) and cut large stones above 7 carats in Bangkok. Pakistan (which is close to India), Myanmar (sometimes known as Burma), and Vietnam and China are our key raw material suppliers. We produce various quality based on the demands of the market. No other supplier can offer better services and costs than us whether you want top-notch quality for high-end jewellery or commercial quality with light colour.

How to choose the best Peridot Gemstone? and Where are the mines of Peridot where it comes from?

Since labour costs in India are lower than in Thailand, we cut calibrated sizes at our jewels production there.If you're looking for Peridot Cabochons, SMGL Gems and Minerals is the place to go. We cut and facet our Peridot Cabochons in Thailand, so we have all sizes and shapes available. For wholesale peridot, which is fairly competitive, we have a reliable supplier.Inquiries or orders for wholesale peridot cabochons should be sent to us.Due to their expertise and experience, they cut the stone in a way that balances weight retention and gem brightness. Since labour costs in India are lower than in Thailand, we cut calibrated sizes at our jewels production there.

Why you should NAVus as a supplier of wholesale loose Peridot Gemstones?

This stone belongs to the same group as tourmaline, tanzanite, sapphire, ruby, etc., which are sold in two different marketplaces. One is for collectors (who purchase large pieces as investments and family heirlooms) and the other is for jewellery designers and producers (who purchase medium grade calibrated sizes).as comparing 75 to 86 or 97 ovals on the market, there isn't a significant price difference, but as you move up to 108, the price graph shoots up quickly due to the scarcity of raw materials. The only two major centres for cutting gemstones are in India and Thailand, and Thailand is noted for its pricey jewels. Due to the expertise and experience of our Bangkok, Thailand gems factory cutters, the stone is cut in a certain way.


Peridot Cabochons 

Although occasionally our clients ask for low to medium quality cabochons to use in silver jewellery, we also fulfil their orders in accordance with their specifications. We specialise in both cabochons and faceted stones of A, AA, and AAA grade. We produce cabochons in all tiny sizes, ranging from 1.5, 2mm, and 9mm. If you need premium material larger than 9mm in size, we are unable to provide it without a few minor inclusions.

The Market and Sources of Loose Peridot Gemstone

This stone belongs to the same group as tourmalines, tanzanites, sapphires, rubies, etc., which have two distinct markets. One is for jewellers who design and create jewellery (who purchase medium quality calibrated sizes), and the other is for collectors (who purchase large pieces as investments and family heirlooms).There isn't a significant price difference between 75 to 86 or 97 ovals when comparing market prices, but as you move up to 108, the price graph shoots up quickly due to the scarcity of raw materials. There are only two major centres for cutting gemstones: Thailand and India. Thailand is recognised for its pricey jewels. Because of their expertise and experience, the stones are cut at our Bangkok, Thailand, facility in a particular method.

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