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Gemstone Silver Jewellery Manufacturer in Thailand

                           ABOUT SMGL AND JEWELRY
We are a silver jewellery production company with two active facilities and over 200 skilled workers situated in Jaipur, India. We collaborate with more than 200 designers, brands, and jewellers in 30 different countries, and we regularly receive praise from our customers for the high calibre of our services and the promptness of our deliveries.
We take pleasure in our abilities to make more than 350 natural gemstones because we are one of the most powerful organisations in the stone making industry.
We collaborate with a wide range of international clients, including those from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, and many other countries. We collaborate with independent jewellery designers, catalogue publishers, e-commerce firms, etc. 


The next stage is to create a test version of your personalised jewellery so we
deliver it to you on time after all the procedures are complete and the buyer
approves the design. This guarantees that we will meet all of our deadlines.
The finest part of this method is that you can choose how your jewellery is
manufactured, allowing you to create it exactly how you want. When our artisans
have finished creating your jewellery, they will determine if it is prepared to
be delivered to the location you requested. To determine whether the jewellery
pieces are suitable for use as accessories, we subject them to a number of tests.
SMGL Jewel is a trustworthy business that
The creates bespoke jewellery once all the processes have been completed and the
buyer has given their approval on the design. We take great pride in the superior
customer care we provide. We take pride in providing premium products at
affordable costs. Any ring, necklace, or bracelet can be made to order at a cost
that is affordable for you. To make sure you don't run into any difficulties
choosing or creating your jewellery design, you can even use our website.
if you experience difficulties accessing the website.

Silver Jewellery Manufacturer Thailand

One of Thailand's leading jewellers and producers is SMGL Jewellery. For a variety of reasons, customers prefer to buy their favourite jewellery from our website rather than those of rivals. Compared to those offered by other firms, the jewellery designs we offer are distinctive. As a result, you may stop worrying about the quality of your jewellery. Silver jewellery is now available for buy in India. Our staff is made up of highly qualified, seasoned professionals who have a lot of expertise in this field. To make sure that our customers get the greatest jewellery possible, many workers at our firm put in a lot of effort all the time.

Silver Jewellery Manufacturers Thailand

We have never heard any complaints about the general calibre of the content as a result. Our professional artisans and craftsmen work together with us to guarantee that our customers receive the best possible service for the goods they order from us. As a result, in the silver jewellery sector, we are regarded as one of India's most dependable companies. The likes of which you would struggle to find on any other jewellery website are also provided by us in a wide range of additional features. No one is more trustworthy than our organisation when it comes to silver jewellery in India. We are professionals in jewellery made of gold, silver, and a wide range of exotic gemstones.

Silver Jewelry Manufacturer Thailand

You are invited to look through our website to get a sense of the various products we provide. We promise to provide you with as many options as we can. Additionally, our silver jewellery is well-known in the Jaipur region. There is no denying that Thailand is well-known for two things: its stunning vacation spots and its abundance of silver jewellery manufacturers. Thailand's silver has quickly gained a reputation across the world due to its visual appeal, genuineness, and quality. Beautiful architecture, holy places, and elephant sanctuaries may be found in Chiang Mai, the capital and largest city in the nation. The volume and calibre of

Because it contains alloys that are not significant enough to cause skin irritation, Thai sterling silver has a low chance of triggering allergic responses. The allowable silver percentage of sterling silver is 92.5 percent, and the alloys are not significant enough to trigger allergic reactions.

Thailand Manufacturer of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Durability

Although 925 sterling silver is pricey, it is well worth the investment because to its durability. If cared for properly, sterling silver jewellery has the ability to last a lifetime. As a result, you are now able to buy more expensive products so that future generations of your family can use them.

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Manufacturers Thailand


 They are able to use sterling silver in a variety of ways due to its malleability. With both bigger pieces of jewellery and smaller ones, like earrings, 925 silver can be used to create delicate and intricate designs. This is crucial since the fashion business is always changing, which causes new and better trends to emerge all the time. For designers, being able to keep up with demand is an important ability. Due to this, customers benefit because they have access to the most amazing ideas, whether the approaches are pre-manufactured or personalised.

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer Thailand

Simple to maintain

As people's schedules increase busier, easy-care fashion will become more popular. Jewelry falls under this as well. In today's society, the majority of individuals are looking for jewellery that is not only stylish but also durable and easy to maintain. A great option is jewellery made of 925 sterling silver.

Thailand 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturers

 Any piece of silver can eventually become tarnished. It is comforting to know that your cutlery may be easily polished back to its original sheen when it tarnishes. To start, you should be aware that sterling silver jewellery tarnishes more slowly the more often it is worn. This is because the oils that your body produces


This is due to the silver being cleaned by the oils produced by your skin. If, despite your efforts, it has lost its shine, a polish made from soapy water and store-bought varnish ought to be enough to restore its lustre.


Over the years, the Thailand Factory has produced a large amount of jewellery. It has offered hundreds of jewellers high-quality OEM and ODM jewellery modification services as well as wholesale silver jewellery from Thailand and marcasite collections. We're proud to be among Thailand's oldest jewellery manufacturers, and we have four decades of original designs, exquisite attention to detail, and consistent quality to our name. By producing reasonably priced jewellery, we hope to give our business partners an exceptional and unforgettable experience.


Wholesale Silver Jewellery Manufacturer Thailand


Every gorgeous piece of Jewelry we provide for sale has a distinctive difference that shows the ideals of innovation and excellence. Each piece has intricate designs incorporated into it that give it a feeling of personality and add to its individuality.


 Our team of experts hand-selected each gemstone to ensure the high quality of all our jewellery. We firmly believe that buying our gems from reputed gem cutters who meticulously cut each piece using a qualified grade is the best way to ensure a cheap pricing without sacrificing the piece's splendour. As a result, we can give these savings to our clients.

Wholesale Silver Jewellery Manufacturers Thailand


In every exquisite piece of Jewelry we have for sale, there is a noticeable distinction that illustrates the goals of innovation and excellence. Each item includes elaborate designs that are integrated into it to give it a feeling of personality and to add to its individuality.


 Our team of experts hand-selected each gemstone to ensure its high quality before using it in any of our jewellery pieces. We believe in sourcing our gems from renowned gem cutters that meticulously cut each piece using a qualified grade, which helps to establish an inexpensive pricing without a loss in the jewel's grandeur. As a result, we are able to pass these savings forward to our clients.

How do we produce your unique Jewellery? Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer Thailand

Many of our customers may be interested in learning more about how we make their distinctive jewellery. The final products we give to our customers at Essential Jewellery will be of the finest calibre, we assure. They could always count on us in this regard. As a result, we collaborate with the clients throughout the entire process, up until the point where we deliver the finished product to the clients at their various locations. Since we are the best provider of personalised jewellery in the nation, people are starting to use our services more frequently than those offered by other companies.


 Thailand Silver Jewelry Manufacturers at Wholesale Prices

Our business is primarily focused on meeting the needs mentioned by our client. In order to do this, we use a process that enables us to determine how we will be able to make the same product and deliver it to our customers within the given timeframe. The following processes are taken in the creation of your custom jewellery:

Jewellery Manufacturer Thailand

Discussion: The initial stage of our made-to-order jewellery is called "discussion," which is also the name of this step. The clients contact us at this point of the process to make sure they provide us complete details about the design of the jewellery they need and how they see the jewellery to be. Customers can submit us their plans in a variety of forms for this process.


They can even use our website to choose or create their jewellery design, assuring they have no problems. Look at our contact information and give us your jewellery design ideas by email or WhatsApp if you are having trouble using the website. After you've double-checked everything to make sure everything

wholesale jewelry Manufacturer Thailand

A member of the manufacturing team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss it after you have reviewed everything and verified that it is accurate. Our production staff will be in touch with you from the beginning of the process through its conclusion because it is crucial to analyse every important component of the jewellery. Additionally, we have a creative staff that will take into account all of your suggestions and effectively implement them. All that is required of you is the minimal support; the rest will be guaranteed by us.

Design: It is our obligation to determine how we can accomplish the jewellery design within the allowed time after you have finished providing us with the necessary information.of time and safely transfer it to your location. We have a sizable team of jewellery producers and designers with extensive business experience. Using CAD design tools, our staff can work effectively on your design and respond to your suggestions by making the necessary revisions as soon as feasible. In order to ensure that there are no misconceptions regarding the manufacturing process for your unique jewellery, our staff will periodically check in with you. Additionally, we will provide you a sample of the jewellery before we finish creating it so you may tell us what changes you would like made before we make it official.

Development and Production

The next stage is to create a prototype of your bespoke jewellery so we can deliver it on schedule when all the processes are complete and the design has been officially approved by the customer. This guarantees that we stick to all of our due dates. The finest part of this technique is that you get to choose the manufacturing method for your jewellery, making it totally individualised. Therefore, the Jewellery's components would be built in phases before being forcefully put together to create the finished product. As a result, after our craftsmen have finished creating your jewellery, they will assess its readiness for delivery to the given address. Putting the fragments of



wholesale Jewellery Manufacturer Thailand

To establish if the items of jewellery are appropriate for usage as worn accessories, we subject them to a battery of tests.

SMGL Jewel is a reputable manufacturer of customised jewellery, and we take pride in the outstanding services we offer to our customers. We take great pride in offering products of the best quality at affordable prices. Any ring, necklace, or bracelet can be made specifically for you according to your specifications while still being within your budget. We are dedicated to providing the highest calibre of service to our customers. As a direct result, we have built up a sizable network of suppliers that can offer us the broadest selection of materials and manufacturing techniques currently available.

Our Responsible Custom Wholesale Silver Jewelry Thailand Manufacturing Company is the best since it employs more than 600 highly skilled artisans, runs its active factories with equipment imported from Germany, and produces more than 7000 works of art on a daily basis. Like Wholesale Silver Jewellery Thailand, every Wholesale provides exceptional customer service.

German Casting Plant Fully Operational

Laser marking and soldering technology were developed in Germany.

We provide plating services in Germany and Switzerland, having expertise in the most recent plating technology (up to 3 micron Yellow & Rose Gold, Rhodium, E Coating)

Metals and tiny particles are tested using the Fisher XRF.

Everybody can discover something they like among the more than 200 varieties of natural and wholesale gemstones that In-House Stone Manufacturing offers.→3D Printing Machine.


Our company is a manufacturing facility, and Thailand is where its main office is. In our two operational plants, there are about 600 skilled artisans employed by us. Our clientele, which includes over 450 designers, brands, and jewellers from thirty various countries, continually recognises us for our superior service quality and on-time delivery. We constantly receive praise from our clients for the high calibre of our service and timely delivery. We are proud of our ability to produce more than 350 different types of natural gemstones because we are one of the most significant companies in the natural stone production sector. In Thailand and India, you may find Silver Jewelry India for Wholesale Purchases. Customers approach us Customers visit us from all over the world, including the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, and Portugal, to name just a few of the numerous nations represented. Numerous enterprises, including independent jewellers, jewellery designers, cataloguing firms, e-commerce giants, and others make up our customers. One of the most respected service providers currently on the market is Wholesale Silver Jewellery from Thailand.

We Promise Dependability and Quality, Durable, and High-Quality Products as a Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer. Our accessories and jewellery are of the highest calibre but are also affordably priced. From earrings to bracelets to rings, our store carries a wide variety of the hottest jewellery. We promise to be trustworthy and enduring.We are dependable and enduring, and we pledge to provide our devoted consumers with high-quality jewellery. We provide a large range of jewellery in many different styles for both men and women. You can be sure to find anything in our store that suits your taste.

wholesale Jewellery Manufacturers Thailand:

Our designers are here to assist you at any time, day or night, if you have any questions or reservations about our products.


We believe that the jewellery you are wearing is the best jewellery. In terms of jewellery, sturdiness and beauty go hand in hand. New styles are introduced nearly every day, and the jewellery business has undergone significant change.

Therefore, vital Jewelry is the finest location to get silver jewellery and other jewellery if you want to buy any. One of the services in Thailand that offers the superior design you desire is ours. We offer our services seven days a week, nonstop. The best jewellery in Thailand is therefore SMGL Jewellery.


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